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Bill O'Neill Design, LLC is proud to release its first application:


BrainwaveZ is a new and game-changing brainwave entrainment tool for Mac and IOS devices in the form of a universal app which supports Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

It uses a revolutionary new dynamic synthesizer to generate the most powerful Brainwave entrainment effect!

Maximizes flexibility by containing multiple themed session packs, each with multiple timed entrainment sessions (many with multiple stages), that can be tweaked via the UI to control timing and structure.

Supports Binaural, Monaural, and Isochronic entrainment - available for use across all sessions.

Maximizes entrainment effectiveness through the use of multi-level modulation of the entrainment frequency and a carrier frequency that follows the Oster curve for all entrainment modes.

Great for: Brainstorming, Meditation, Self Hypnosis, Studying/Homework, Improving Concentration, Improving Memory, Relaxation, Improving Sleep, Rejuvenation, Energy Boost.